Great Place to Start:
Learning in Hand– Tony Vincent has some great tips, tricks, and links for using ipod

Podcasts, Videos, iTunes U:

iTunes Download
Beyond Campus
  • National Science Digital Library
  • Documentary Educational Resources
  • Museums
  • Little Kids Rock
  • Edutopia
  • Teacher TV
  • VDOE (Virginia)
  • Perth Amboy Public Schools
Universities and Colleges
  • University of Southern Florida - Lit 2 Go
  • University of The Pacific - Children's Literature

Discovery Education

If your school subscribes to discovery education, you can make use of these videos with your iPad or iPod.

Discovery Education Mobile Link(for iPads)

Adding Discovery Education Videos to iPod Touches (Using the iMac)

Login to Discovery Education
Find the video (or segment) you want.
Make sure you download type is set to .mov file
Ctrl+click on the download link
Choose Download Linked File As
Choose the location on your computer

Open itunes
Click File>Add To Library (and find the file to import on your computer)
Select Video in Movies
Click Advanced>Create ipod or ipad version
Delete the .mov version out of itunes
Sync ipods